Aperture Development commercial licence

All rights / conditions mentioned here refer to the related product.

§1 rights of use

(1) You have the right to use the product commercially.

(2) You have the right to modify / adapt the product. Passing on the change is prohibited.

(3) You do not have the right to remove copyright notice or remove the software and source code identification.

(4) You do not have the right to decompile / decrypt compiled / encrypted code.

(5) You have the right of use for 1 installation per purchased license.

§2 license

(1) The license is unlimited in duration

(2) The license can not be transferred.

(3) The license is in connection with its Aperture Development account. Should you delete your account, your license expires.

§3 duplication

(1) You may make backups

(2) You are not allowed to sell the product

(3) You may not re-upload the product or distribute the product.

We reserve the right to change the license terms. ( 11.02.2018 )