MSync - Keep your servers synchronised






( MySQL Synchronisation )

MSync is the all around solution for server synchronisation.

- In Game Configuration via XGUI

- Settings Saveable

- to get the current version enter: 'msync_version' into the server console

- Even with allowCSlua, the Players can't get the Settings table without Permission. Who tryes to 'force get it' gets kicked


( MySQL Rank Synchronisation )

MRSync will keep your staff team synchronised with possibility to have 2 staff teams.

- Saving Ranks on: ClientDisconnect and ServerStop

- Ability to set Ranks that get Synced throught all servers

- Ability to set Ranks as 'ignored' to make them not saving in the database.


( MySQL Ban Synchronisation )

MBSync is the Free solution for synchronised bans. If you ban someone hes banned on your server network.

- ulx checkban <steamid> command

- Overwrites "ulx ban","ulx banid" and "ulx unban"

- A Ban message which says all the needed infos for an unban request


1. MySQLoo V9 or higher ( )

2. ULX and ULib ( )

3. an MySQL Database

Basic Setup

First you need to Install MySQLoo, which can be found here:

A excellent instruction of how to Install it can be found here:

After that you need to setup a database for your ranks.

1. Create a user for MRSync with a complex password

2. Add a database scheme to it for MRSync.

3. Setup your settings in-game

4. Restart your server

5. If it says [MSync] Connected to Database you are done.

Planned features

- Webpanel

- MWS ( MySQL Warning System )

- Rank backups

- MPSync ( MySQL Permission Synchronisation )

- MUSync ( MySQL Utime Synchronisation )


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