Gamemodes for GMod

Q: What is "Gamemodes for GMod" ?

A: Gamemodes for GMod is a team system which allows you to seperate your users in Fighters, Builders and Spectators. It comes with an Fancy GUI and a small Permission system.

Q: Will this addon Inteference with my Prop Protection, Admin Mot etc. ?

A: No. Your addons should be able to overwrite permissions of "Gamemodes for GMod" as we return Nil when someone has permissions to something.

Q: Will this destroy my gmod teams ( e.g. UTeam ) ?

A: No. It uses it's own Team system. It should never interact with other teams.

Q: Can you add support for ... Admin mod ?

A: Sure. Write a request on our website Link and we will add it as soon as Possible.

Q: This is Scrapt! I could do better.

A: Well that may be true, but please stop complaining. If you are able to do better then do so ;)

Q: Can you add ... feature?

A: Sure. Write a request on our website Link and we will discuss it and maybe add it

Q: I have an not listed question.

A: For all other questions please use our ticketsystem Link

How to use

Open Team selection:

- On Init Spawn

- On Command: /modes , !modes , /gamemodes , !gamemodes

Open Admin GUI:

- On Command: /modesadmin , !modesadmin

Current Compatible Admin Mods


Support is provided trough our website:

Published Versions

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