Workshop Download Simplifyer

The Workshop Download Simplifyer is nothing more then a small tool which simplifies the setup of the so called Workshop Client Download. You can simply add all your addons without the need to make a workshop.lua with thousends of lines with ressource.AddWorkshop.

This addon works pretty simple with 3 commands:

wsdl_addsingleaddon <addon id>

Adds the Addon with id <addon id> to the Workshop Client Download.

wsdl_remsingleaddon <addon id>

Removes the Addon with id <addon id> from the Workshop Client Download.

wsdl_setcollection <collection id>

Sets a whole collection with <collection id> as workshop client download. ( Allows easy management of addons to download by Clients )

Server restart is required after finishing of the addon setup.

This script uses the Aperture Development commercial licence.

Published Versions

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